Can Some Weeds be Beneficial?

Maintaining a garden is a labor of love that many of us are all too aware. Pruning, fertilizing, and weeding are requirements for a healthy garden habitat. Yet, we may have become be too fervent in our maintenance endeavors… and in keeping up with the Jones’s. It has been noted that the difference between a […]

Companion Planting in the Vegetable Garden

companion planting

Urban edible gardening is not surprisingly on the rise, and for numerous good reasons. Gardening is a fun, healthy and intelligent alternative to locally sourced eating. From seed to supper, growing food is a truly rewarding endeavor that the entire family can enjoy. Knowing where our food comes from is valuable and empowering knowledge that […]

Add Some Color to Your Winter Landscape

by Laura House As the fall leaves drop and the cooler weather arrives, we can sometimes be left yearning for a splash of color to brighten the winter landscape. That’s when frost-hardy annuals, bulbs, and winter-blooming or fruiting plants can be a welcome addition to the landscape.                       Annuals: Cabbage and Kale – We are not […]

Clover comeback? “Bee lawns” gaining favor

Turf grass may be an attractive ground cover for homeowners but it holds little appeal for pollinators. Add some broadleaf plants with flowers to the mix, and it’s a different story: great forage for the birds and the bees. Lower maintenance, too. “Bee lawns aren’t 100 percent flowers. They have some grass included,” said Mary […]

Transplanting in the Pacific Northwest

By Jamie Sloan Here in the Willamette Valley, we are quite fortunate to be able to enjoy the bounty of many prolific landscapes and gardens. It’s a relatively easy conquest to find swaths of green, undoubtedly dappled with vibrant hues of thriving annuals and perennials. However, like most deliberate creations, much trial and error is […]

Planting Annuals 101

By Jamie Sloan, Account Manager Once upon time, another lifetime ago, I worked for a retail nursery and assisted many perplexed and overwhelmed customers who would wander the endless rows of diverse colorful annual selections. Slight anxiety and complete uncertainty riddled the faces of even the most avid gardeners. Then there were other customers who […]