DeSantis Landscapes wins National Safety Award

DeSantis Landscapes was recently awarded an Overall GOLD Safety Achievement Award from the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET).

The award, part of PLANET’s annual Safety Recognition Awards Program, honors those companies with thorough, high-performing safety programs that create and maintain safe work environments in the green industry. It is designed to reward green industry companies that consistently demonstrate their commitment to safety.

DeSantis Landscapes was evaluated on number of accidents, number of days that employees were away from work, and number of employee injuries and illnesses. In addition, a checklist was used to rate the company’s complete safety program.

“One of the visions that I have for DeSantis Landscapes”, says Dean DeSantis, President of DeSantis Landscapes,  “is to be seen as one of the most professional landscape service providers in our service area. To me, one of the ways that we achieve this is to run a safe operation. I am extremely proud to receive this award and most of all for the dedicated staff that have helped to create a workplace that values the health and well-being of all of our co-workers. This recognition of our good safety record will put DeSantis Landscapes head and shoulders above the competition”

PLANET is a national trade association representing more than 100,000 landscape industry professionals, who create and maintain healthy, green living spaces for communities across America. PLANET members are committed to the highest standards in industry education, best practices and business professionalism.

DeSantis Landscapes is a family-owned, nationally recognized landscape design, build and maintenance company with offices in Salem and Sherwood. The company’s award-winning services have been enjoyed by clients throughout the Willamette Valley and beyond since 1974. Its landscape projects range from commercial properties, to large private estates, to the most intimate residential gardens. In all cases, DeSantis creates balanced environments of extraordinary beauty and functionality

DeSantis Landscapes – Microsoft Case Study

Over the last several months we have upgraded our entire technology platform to Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 365. This has been a major improvement to our systems and we are excited about the increased efficiencies and additional time this will allow us to do the things we love the most…being out in our client’s landscapes and in front of our clients.

Microsoft was so impressed with our use of their products that they have created a Case Study and video about DeSantis Landscapes that is featured on their website. They have also written this blog post about DeSantis Landscapes. Yep, that’s right, DeSantis Landscapes is featured on Microsoft’s website!

A special thanks to Matt Middlestetter and his team at Compex Two Computers for guiding us through this transition and sharing our story with their contacts at Microsoft. In addition, a big Attaboy to our Vice President, Ken DeSantis, for handling all of our internal efforts through the transition. Attaboy Ken!

2014 Construction Career Days

We participated in a fantastic event called Construction Career Days put on by the Salem chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction. Over 300 high school students from a dozen or so high schools spent the day talking to various company representatives, operating heavy machinery, doing hands-on activities and at the DeSantis Landscapes space…participating in a wheelbarrow race! Throughout the construction industry we are experiencing a labor shortage and events like this one help to show the future workforce about the possibilities and career paths that exist in our industries. Kudos to all the organizers!

Here’s a link to the Salem Statesman Journal article


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Biodiesel impact report

This is a great report from our biodiesel supplier. It shows that our biodiesel use has reduced our CO2 emissions by the equivalent of taking approximately 27 cars off the road for a year!

EmissionsReportCard_DeSantis Landscapes

DeSantis Landscapes and Burgerville partner to beautify St. Johns

14163487-mmmainCheck out this Oregonian article  that describes a community service project in partnership with our friends at Burgerville.


Landscape Transformation of the Rose Quarter begins

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photoLast week DeSantis Landscapes began a major landscape transformation around the newly named Moda Center, the Memorial Coliseum and the entire Rose Quarter campus. This is the first of many changes to come to this bustling urban hub on the east side of downtown Portland. Portland Trailblazers President, Chris McGowan, has shown a commitment to change and success both on-court and off throughout the organization and re-branding and updating the exterior of the facilities is definitely part of the plan. There will be lots of positive things happening in the Rose Quarter over the next year or two and DeSantis Landscapes is proud to be a part of it.  Stay tuned.



Check out our new video!

branding videoTake a look at our new video by clicking here

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DeSantis Landscapes now featured on design site Houzz

Looking for some inspiration? Have a project in mind but want to get some more ideas?

DeSantis Landscapes work is now featured on the world’s most popular design site, Houzz

Click here to be directed to the DeSantis Landscapes Houzz page.

Take a look and if you can, leave a review.



Pesticides suspected in bumblebee die-off

This article in today’s Oregonian is a very serious situation. Global food production is in jeopardy and all of us need to act to protect bees, and ourselves.bee

Pesticides in the neonicotinoid family have been identified in this situation and others as being the culprit in these die-offs. DeSantis Landscapes has historically only used one chemical in this family and has since discontinued all use of these pesticides. Pesticides in this family essentially make the plant toxic to all insects, which can be beneficial if there is trouble with insects like aphids eating the plant but because of its non-selective nature it also kills beneficial pollinators.

For an entertaining, informative and beautiful look at bees check out the movie Queen of the Sun

Garden Inspiration!

IMG_2400 IMG_2401 IMG_2399  IMG_2392 IMG_2393 IMG_2394 IMG_2395 IMG_2396 IMG_2397 IMG_2391 IMG_2390 IMG_2389 IMG_2388 IMG_2387 IMG_2402 IMG_2403 IMG_2409 IMG_2408 IMG_2407 IMG_2406 IMG_2405 IMG_2404 IMG_2410 IMG_2411 IMG_2412 IMG_2413 IMG_2414 IMG_2415 IMG_2421 IMG_2420 IMG_2419 IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2416The Association of Northwest Landscape Designers (ANLD) is having their 9th Annual Garden Tour and DeSantis Landscapes is proudly sponsoring the tour. Today, the sponsors and media representatives took a pre-tour of the gardens and all I can say is… WOW! So many great designs, so many wonderful plants, and so much great inspiration. The tour is Saturday, June 22 and it is not to be missed. Click here for more information on each garden and how to buy tickets.