Eat What You Plant!


When landscaping your yard, consider edible plants instead of ornamental plants. Edibles not only provide food for your family, but also provide year round interest in your garden. Below are a couple edible plants that we frequently use in our client’s gardens.



Feijoa sellowiana, Pineapple Guava

This 10’x10’ evergreen shrub has beautiful rounded blueish-green leaves, fragrant flowers and edible fruit. Multiple, upright branching form is easily trained as espalier, hedge or small specimen tree for landscape or container.


Punica granatum, Pomegranite

Such a beautiful showy shrub with vibrant orange flowers, small leaves and edible fruit late fall. Makes a good water wise shrub, attracts hummingbirds and has great fall color.


Vaccinium x ‘sunshine blue’, Blueberry

This blueberry was developed by Fall Creek Nursery in Springfield, Oregon. Grown for it’s large yield of fruit, self pollunating qualities, and the semi-evergreen characteristics with blue green leaves. Does well in a container or in acid soil conditions.



Fragaria , strawberry

Strawberries make a great evergreen groundcover and can be grow in all sorts of containers for those of you that live in urban like situations. Try growing them in a trough or strawberry tower to maximize space in your garden.

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