Field First Training Builds Performance from The Ground Up

Bryan Gyllen DeSantis LandscapesDeSantis Landscapes, one of the leading landscape services brands in the Pacific Northwest, kicks off 2022 with Field First, a front-line training program designed to create value through higher engagement, higher performance, and a culture of accountability.

Field First, with its emphasis on front line operations, is being led by Operations Vice President, Bryan Gyllen and is expected to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase focus on execution, agility and speed to better meet the needs of the general contracting professionals, and commercial and residential real estate property owners and developers who are DeSantis’ core customers;
  • Provide workforce teams with opportunities for empowered decision-making;
  • Align corporate and operational structures to drive growth and value creation;
  • Fine-tune customer service and quality through advanced training;
  • Eliminate obstacles to delivery and advance the standard of service for its customers and partners;
  • Play a leading role in advancing environmental responsibility by creating solutions to improve the way landscapes and water quality are managed.

Bryan is prioritizing the company’s commitments to the customers it has served for nearly a half-century. “We’ve always taken immense pride in building a business that drives long-term value for customers and employees. Our teams perform exceptionally well, but we know we have a responsibility to decentralize our operation by moving our center of gravity closer to our customers and our front line. By enhancing transparency and flexibility, and scaling company-wide performance improvements, we have the momentum we need to lead in each of our services,” said Bryan, who, in addition to vice president, is a partner and minority shareholder of DeSantis Landscapes, Inc.

Bryan joined DeSantis in 2008, and is an experienced operations and green industry professional with more than 25 years implementing high impact change. “Inefficient systems and processes cost us time and money, and can ultimately influence the way people feel about us. Process management and technology utilization are essential to eliminating waste through our service delivery, providing maximum value for the customer and empowering our people,” said Bryan.

“Field First shapes our approach to business,” says company president, Dean DeSantis, who inspired a team-driven project that defined The DeSantis Way, a list of 25 fundamentals, including a commitment to be relentless about continuous learning and improvement. “Our field and front-line managers are the glue that holds our operations together. Empowering their growth through training has a direct impact on our culture and the kind of company we want to be.”

With three offices strategically located in Oregon’s I-5 corridor, from Salem to North Portland, DeSantis Landscapes provides a complete range of landscape construction and maintenance services, including design and estimating, renovation and restoration, specialty contracting, and green site infrastructure.

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