Forty-Six? In Dog Years, We’d Be a Puppy.

Baron, DeSantis Landscapes Chief Happiness Officer as  puppy in a natural meadow created for a sustainable buffer at a maintenance client's home.
Baron as a puppy at a natural Oregon meadow in the spring.

Forty-Six? In Dog Years, We’d Be a Puppy.

The roots of DeSantis are deep. Grounded in the rich loamy soil of the Willamette Valley, 100 years of family history and a legacy business on approach to its mid-century mark, the new year brings us deep appreciation for the pioneer spirit of the Pacific Northwest and the clients and communities we love and serve. Certainly, we wouldn’t be here without you.

From our engaged and passionate team of servant leaders, our eco-friendly landscape warriors, and a horticultural field force without equal, we kick off our commitment to 2020 with optimism, fresh thinking, and a reminder of our enduring investment in the health and beauty of your landscaped environment.

DeSantis will forever and firmly be all-in on Oregon. A company that speaks to the spirit of our state, leadership in all things green, and a professional team that listens to the heart and soul of what matters most.

If you need an environmentally accountable partner to bounce landscape ideas off of, help get you clarity on critical issues, or chase down something you need to make your outdoors a safer, better place to live, work or play, let us know. We have a relentlessly happy team of humans that will make the most of every opportunity to give you their best 110%.

Oh. And the dog? 

Meet Baron, DeSantis’s Top Dog and Chief Happiness Officer. One of several corporate canines, Baron reminds us that there are positive life lessons we can learn from our four-legged friends: we can live our life’s work to the fullest, adapt to any situation, and never lose sight of the people we care about and the loyalty we earn in return.

DeSantis Landscapes Cheif Happiness Officer, Baron.
Baron enjoying the cool winter weather at our Salem office.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you. If you’re a dog lover, even better. Our landscapes are pet friendly, too.

To learn more about DeSantis Landscapes and its continuum of integrated landscape services for residential and commercial property owners, contact us @ 503-364-8376.  Or go to

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