Our region is facing record-breaking heat and drought.

The Pacific Northwest’s spectacular beauty and the natural resources we too often take for granted are at peak stress as we face one of the most severe heat weaves and dangerous drought conditions in history. The record heat is baking landscapes, compromising the health and safety of families, pets, communities, wildlife habitats, and ecosystems.

When we talk about drought and water conservation, we focus on ways we can use technology to reduce consumption of irrigation water use, ways we can plant differently, or better yet, use different kinds of plants better suited to drier conditions.

As we move into a more arid summer, our action items are wrapped in a sense of urgency: accelerating the implementation of smart water technologies, replacing old analog irrigation systems, creating wild fire buffer zones, installing more native plants and plants more resilient to climate extremes.

We know we can’t change the weather but we can change our baby steps to bigger steps as we work together with you on our journey to greater sustainability.

To learn more about our commitment to conservation and drought management, and ecology and healthy landscapes for all seasons, contact us at desantislandscapes.com

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