Think Ahead for Rewarding Blooms Next Spring

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Do you remember seeing colorful displays of flowering bulbs on neighboring properties last spring? Maybe you thought, “I’d like to put some tulips or daffodils in my yard.” Well, now’s the time to plant all kinds of spring bulbs.
Spring bloomers develop their roots in the fall, before winter really sets in. This growth period is crucial to next spring’s successful flowering. You should purchase bulbs early to allow time to plant them and to ensure a good selection. If you order bulbs from catalogs, remember to allow for shipping time.
Bulbs will perform better if you prepare the soil before planting them. Dig out the soil to a depth of 10-12″ and work in organic matter, like peat moss or compost. To improve drainage, add sand or gypsum. Finally, mix in bone meal or a similar bulb fertilizer before planting. Plant the bulbs with pointed ends up.
Then just relax and wait for next spring’s show!

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