Vegetable Garden Victory is Yours!

Grow your own organic Vegetables

The Joy of Nature 

There are many wonderful things that come with Spring season: sun, rain, growth, color, verdant new life, and budding edible crops– to name a few. DeSantis Landscapes would like to help you and your family have direct access to these simple joys in your very own backyard. Now is a perfect time to prepare bedding spaces for future kitchen gardens, cane berries, fruit trees, container and vegetable beds.

We are getting back to basics and offering a Victory Garden Program that has the potential to withstand the current times and provide healthful benefits for years to come.

We can help with providing several garden options that fit your specific needs. If you feel you weren’t born with a green thumb, not to worry; we will also provide consultation throughout the entire process- from sowing to growing! 
Below are some of the hassle free vegetable gardens and services DeSantis Landscapes can help you with. Contact us today and we will quickly create a plan and proposal for you and schedule your installations immediately.

Products: Design – Build- Install 

Raised beds, kitchen garden beds
In-ground bedding areas
Trellis installation: for climbing vines
Edibles: plant material, cane plants, fruiting trees, berries

Consultation and Continued Assistance

Plant program for existing or new bedding areas includes: maintenance, fertilization, and irrigation adjustments.
Bedding crop design
Bedding maintenance
Harvest help

Converting turf areas to a functional vegetable garden is good for the environment, provides a stress reducing activity, and will produce healthy organic vegetables for your family. 

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Dean DeSantis Working in His Home Garden
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