Alberto Dominguez Oversees Plant Health From The Soil Up

Alberto Dominguez, DeSantis Plant Health Care Manager, takes a soil-first view of plant health.  An agronomist by training, Alberto believes that the soil ecosystem and its emphasis on nutrient supply, fertility and beneficial organisms, is the secret to making plants thrive.

Before Alberto joined DeSantis, he worked his way up the career ladder at Wilbur-Ellis, a leading international marketer and distributor of commercial agricultural products. It was at Wilbur-Ellis where Alberto learned how nutrition and specialty applications enabled higher yields and more viable crops.  It was a natural detour, he said, to join the landscape side and he’s been managing DeSantis plant health care program ever since.

At DeSantis, Alberto leads a highly-trained team of five, who proactively respond to insect sightings and routinely monitor, diagnose and treat plant disease so the plants become less susceptible to problems and better able to withstand stress.

In the DeSantis Plant Health Care Toolkit are proprietary products, biological and conventional product options, and an integrated approach that focuses on creating a healthier landscape and soil environment overall.  This includes sound cultural practices to address compacted soil, managing nutrients, controlling insects and weeds, and looking for underlying symptoms that might require treatment over time.

Alberto says that an investment in maintaining landscape health is an investment that will generate immeasurable results. January kicks off plant health care season. To learn more about how this service can support your existing landscape program, contact your account manager or Alberto Dominguez at 503-364-8376.

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