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Whatever the day brings, home is your refuge. That private space where you withdraw, relax and recharge. Your outside world is that natural extension of how you live, reflecting your personality and place in the world. It should welcome, reward and inspire.

For almost 50 years, DeSantis has collaborated with clients throughout the Willamette Valley to envision, install and maintain remarkable outdoor spaces. From small gardens to large rolling estates, we bring nature closer to home and create extraordinary centerpieces for entertaining and solitude.

“…we bring nature closer to home and create extraordinary centerpieces for entertaining and solitude.”

As you’d expect, we provide hands-on control of each aspect of your project, from plant material selection, water features, irrigation and arbor care to hardscapes and lighting. But what sets DeSantis apart is a commitment to meaningfully engage with you and go beyond your expectations. That means listening to you, timely follow-through on scheduled work and taking full accountability for the lasting success of your landscape.

Each residential engagement is so much more than just a project; it’s living art that begins as a vision and continues to grow season after season. Just as nature is continuously evolving, so too is your DeSantis landscape. To ensure lasting vitality, we offer comprehensive all-season maintenance programs, encompassing turf care, seasonal color rotation, water management, irrigation monitoring, plant pruning and seasonal clean-up.

Just as important as the visible beauty that’s all around you, is what you don’t see. Our teams are fully committed to our industry’s best practices to minimize environmental impact, including suggesting organic options, recycling green waste, using electric equipment, as well as the integration of smart, tech-forward tools throughout our business.

The stewardship of Oregon’s natural resources is embedded deep in the DeSantis culture. It is integrated into everything we do, without compromise.

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