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From the beginning, we have been on this journey together.

The DeSantis roots in Oregon go back nearly 150 years. This land – our mountains, rivers, lakes and wildlife – is deeply important to us. It’s been at the heart of DeSantis Landscapes since our founding almost 50 years ago. As a team, from the newest associate to the most seasoned manager, we bring a profound respect for this magnificent region. Everything we’ve become as a business flows from this simple idea.

From private parks and public spaces, to the garden by your front door to the grounds surrounding award winning commercial centers – our work is there almost everywhere you turn in the Willamette Valley.

“At DeSantis, we believe nature has a story to tell, and it’s written all around us.”

When you look closer, you’ll find three things that make us unique.

First, is the way we see the world. As true stewards of our environment, we start from a different perspective. We see beyond the landscape, taking into consideration form and function, ecology and aesthetics to create places that shelter, soothe and inspire.

Second, we’re using new technologies as a way to impact everything we do, from conserving water to the week-to-week experience you have with our team. Just like nature itself, the business of landscaping is continuously evolving. Technology helps us see the changes, adapt and improve our service.

Third, we’re a great place to work! Being named to The Best Green Workplaces in Oregon list for ten consecutive years is more than a talking point. It means we’re invested in sustainability in everything we do, from our business operations to the kind of people we hire. In recruiting high-character men and women from diverse backgrounds and empowering them to do what they do best, we’re building teams that care deeply about the work we do for you, week in and week out.

At DeSantis, we believe nature has a story to tell, and it’s written all around us. Throughout the Willamette River Valley, nature has spoken for thousands of years to those who take the time to listen generously to what it has to say.

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