commercial maintenance


With innovation driving change, and smart landscapes boosting efficiency, we’re focusing our efforts on what we can do to differentiate our landscape services to attract top commercial real estate companies to work for, and the best people to work with.

To address this, we’ve created a platform for agility and are incorporating technology to scale and deliver our services faster, empower our teams, and reimagine how landscape work gets done.

“… we’re all-in on technology to scale and deliver how landscape work gets done.”

But we know we can’t move the needle on agility without people, and as great as our tech-forward platform is, technology alone is not enough. For all the sensors and systems promising greater results, the keys to smarter ways of working are ultimately, and literally, in the hands of our front line.

DeSantis’ professional landscape maintenance teams have been serving Oregon’s commercial real estate industry for more than forty years. Beyond upgrading old landscapes or caring for new ones, meeting LEED and sustainability objectives, or closing the gap on environmental goals, DeSantis is focusing on ways that make next-generation service possible.

From clean energy equipment to employee productivity training to understanding how to boost customer satisfaction, DeSantis is all-in on exceeding traditional expectations and transforming commercial landscapes into outdoor spaces that that not only speak to a healthier future, but promote a better way to live, work and play.

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