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Desantis Commercial Construction

If a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step, the most complex commercial landscape construction project can’t begin without an accurate projection of costs.

Precision and feasibility are critical to project success, and DeSantis’s comprehensive landscape construction estimates allow general contractors to determine profitability, and value engineer options needed to increase quality, while reducing costs.

DeSantis’ estimating and project management teams have well over 100 combined years of specialized knowledge and experience assessing risk, breaking down project elements, and job costing its parts. This means we know that the ultimate test of a well-managed landscape construction project is in the experience of the team’s ability to anticipate and solve problems, understand variables, and make competent and informed decisions upfront.

“Step-by-step deliverables, a sense of urgency, and a foundation of trust and talent all project stakeholders can count on.”

Our knowledge of the construction industry, its technological innovations, and its operating environment and constraints, makes us capable project partners—enabling us to effectively uncover pitfalls, understand equipment and material pricing and fluctuations, optimize safety, efficiency and productivity, and scope of work across all segments of landscape construction, irrigation and site infrastructure.

Performing well together, being open and transparent and accountable to budget and delivery is critical to our reputation as much as it is to every project’s outcome and it’s with this mindset that DeSantis steps up its game. Step-by-step deliverables, a sense of urgency, and a foundation of trust and talent all project stakeholders can count on.

DeSantis Landscapes plays a substantial role in positively influencing the environment and is committed to green, lean, LEED and safe strategies to improve the quality of project outcomes. DeSantis builds and installs commercial landscapes across segments, from multi-family to mixed-use and HOAs to senior living and corporate office parks.

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