City of Milwaukie Partners with DeSantis Landscapes to Implement Sustainability Vision

building in Milwauki Oregon

DeSantis Landscapes is proud to announce that the company has entered into an agreement to provide the City of Milwaukie, Oregon with climate-positive landscape maintenance services to help the city meet its climate action goals for 2045.

Included in the plan are multiple components that improve and protect waterways, plant and maintain public open spaces and support the health of the city’s urban forest, and use energy-efficient practices that will make Milwaukie a role model for Net Zero environmental stewardship.

Joey Harrison, DeSantis Landscapes’ director of business development and marketing, and a long-time City of Milwaukie resident, sums it up: “I live here. So, to be able to help implement programs that improve the quality and appearance of the landscapes, promote sustainable landscape maintenance practices, and help all of us reduce the impacts of climate change is a commitment I take personally. Our whole team is excited by the potential of making the City of Milwaukie’s landscape part of the solution.”

To help the city meet its goals, DeSantis will address the following:

  • Use alternative fuels, all electric hand tools, and energy-efficient landscape equipment to help the city achieve carbon neutrality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Implement sustainable lawn alternatives, converting traditional turf space to low maintenance, drought-tolerant options that include beds and borders, walkable groundcovers and drought resistant eco-lawns.
  • Meet targets for sequestering carbon via improved soil health.
  • Establish a multi-benefit approach to irrigation and water conservation to not only save water, but reduce waste, promote biodiversity and preserve natural resources.
  • Use organic fertilizers, nutrient-rich compost and soil amendments, and integrated pest management in lieu of pesticides to improve plant and wildlife habitat and ecosystem health.
  • Plant as many large trees and native perennials as possible, and prioritize/source high-quality, climate-resilient plant material.
  • Ensure that the City of Milwaukie’s public landscapes are healthy, high-performing and beautiful open spaces that foster well-being, and add value to the community’s quality of life.

DeSantis Landscapes has been on the forefront of environmentally-responsible landscaping for nearly 50 years. The company is EcoBiz certified, one of the 100 “Best Green Companies” to work for in Oregon, and a recipient of of the Clean Cities Coalition “Small Fleet of the Year” for 100% carbon offsets.

In addition, DeSantis Landscapes is a member of “Voices for Healthy Green Spaces”, an advocacy initiative of the National Association of Landscape Professionals; is Marion County EarthWISE Certified, Oregon Tilth Certified, and has numerous members of its team certified in Vegetated Private Water Quality Management.

President Dean DeSantis was a 2021 recipient of Lawn & Landscape magazine’s national Landscape Industry Leadership Award.

To learn more about DeSantis Landscapes commitment to landscape health, ecosystem stewardship and sustainability frameworks, go to:

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