water management

Water Management

“Green infrastructure is the centerpiece of smart landscape planning, and as we can see with green roofs and bioswales, are evidence that harnessing water provides many benefits at once,” says Dean DeSantis as he walks us through the watershed. 

As committed partners in the protection of finite resources, DeSantis has gone all-in on advanced conservation technologies to help reduce demand, increase water quality, reduce costs and help ensure that landscapes and the environment can both thrive.

DeSantis’ water conservation program is available to commercial businesses, homeowner associations and homeowners and involves a number of ways in which irrigation technologies can be scaled, adapted and managed efficiently.

The technology behind smart irrigation lines up with trends in artificial intelligence, software and components that challenge old ways of managing landscape water use to new ways of automating precision. That’s where we come in.

“…winning in water means going beyond plumbing to strategies for eco-system health.”
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landscape water feature
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When you look closer, you’ll find three things that make us unique.

Our tech-forward water conserving measures and approaches include weather-based controllers, retrofitting old systems or pairing existing systems with increasingly sophisticated weather and soil sensors. These allow irrigation systems to operate autonomously, using micro-climate data from each property.

Closing the water gap starts with a DeSantis irrigation team trained, certified and up-to-date on closed-loop technologies that measure and track your water use. But winning in water means going beyond plumbing to strategies for eco-system health.

From managing water use in the production of your landscape, to engineering bioswales to protect groundwater to sophisticated filtration systems on green roofs to permeable pavements to the infrastructure of your landscape, we’re placing a premium on delivering better ways to do more with less.

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